Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wake Up With White Wednesday

I yawned when I saw the picture of the kitty yawning too.
Look at the pillow for the coffee cup. That is so clever!
Wakey Wakey!
Time to wake up sleepy heads!
Who knows what the day may bring.
I hope you have a beautiful day.

To see other participants in this week's White Wednesday
visit Kathleen's beautiful blog Faded Charm.

Photo Credits:
Sleepy Kitty via Grille on Live Journal
Wake Up Kitty via on *lun on Flickr
(Look at this Kitty's eyes here and here)
Yawning Kitty via Baci Sfiorati
Morning via We Heart It
Sleepy Girl via Pretty Smart on We Heart It
White Sheets & Lamp via Somewhere on We Heart It
White Sheets & Drapes via Somewhere on We Heart It
White Sheets & Drapes via Isold L'lsold on We Heart It
via Libertinage Ceramique / Atelier Clementine Dupre
It's A New Day via NerdyNotDirty on DeviantArt
Girl in PJ's with Coffee & Newspaper via yyesnomaybeso on Xanga


Jacqueline said...

Hi there,
I'm Jackie from 'Home'.
Thanks so much for mentioning me over at Anne Marie's blog today. I was very shocked when I read your comment. It was lovely, so I thought that I should come over and say hello.
Will be back to visit again. XXXX

Faded Charm said...

Very clever post and the white kitty is adorable. Do you want to be added to my list of participants for the WW theme? Thanks for playing along today.


bikim said...

Great post!
Take care,

Em-illi said...

Love this post! Love these soft and cute things. Love these photos:)
Have a great day!

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour! Another great post. Hope you are having a great week!