Monday, November 30, 2009

A Beautiful Busy Day

I have a busy day,

And must be on my way.

I'm to meet my brother in town,

No time to linger around.

He has treasures for me to store,

Of delightful measure I'm sure to adore.

Don't worry, I will return soon,

Before tonight's shimmering moon.

I hope you have a beautiful day to treasure!

Artistic Credits:
Another poem by me
Umberto Brunelleschi via

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Obee Designs said...

Hi Bonnie!
Thank you so much for your lovely comments! I am so happy you like my blog. I love your place!! :) I'm new to blogging too! It hasn't even been a month and I am so overwhelmed by the sweet comments I have gotten and the new "blog friends" I have made. It is so wonderful to meet you. It's funny how much we share in live where I dream of living. Is the weather really that great all the time? I dream about it all the time. Lucky you!!!

Can't wait to come back for more of your wonderful postings. I love all those amazing closets! :)

Have a wonderful day!