Thursday, November 5, 2009

Some Things About Me, Myself and I

I am so honored to receive my first blogging award from Stephanie at Bonjour Madame! Thank you again Stephanie!
Be sure to check out her fabulous blog! With this particular award, it is customary to share a few things about yourself that you haven't mentioned in your blog before so that your fellow bloggers can get to know you a bit better.

I have really enjoyed reading about other bloggers and their lives, especially those of you who follow my blog. You have such beautiful homes and lives and it's a pleasure to know you. Everyone's comments and encouragement mean more to me than you can imagine.

So far, I haven't mentioned much about myself on my blog. I put Stephanie's blog up in the background as I was writing this. Her music came on and the first song is "Me Myself and I" by Billie Holiday. What a coincidence and great motivation! I'm not so accustomed to starting my sentences with me, myself and I but I guess it's time to let you know a little more about me.

Me, Myself and I
I have naturally curly long red hair but no freckles... ok very, very few freckles.

My Blog... Antique Vintage Modern
So far, I have posted a lot about modern architecture and interior design, haute couture, and slick chic luxuries on my blog. However, most of the blogs I follow are saturated in the past with castles and cottages, lush gardens, art, old illustrations, antiques, vintage things, and dreamy fairy tales. I really like both although tend to gravitate towards the past. However, my next post will probably be about something ultra modern. The thought of spotless modern design is very intriquing. Did I mention I am a Gemini? I drive myself crazy sometimes... lol ok, most of the time. I hope you don't mind if I post about it all.

My Home
My home is full of antiques and vintage treasures from long ago. Many have been passed down to me but I have purchased some too. Perhaps I can find a few things to share.

My Antique Venetian Bed - Image is of Cupid Disarmed

My home has some areas that are in need of repair and it is my hope and dream that I can afford to fix it up someday. In the meantime, I like things to be neat, tidy and clean. Not hospital bare walls, sterile and bland but you know, nice and cozy.
My home is really old and it's not always so easy to maintain. Speaking of which, I need to do some laundry and clean the house. I really like to organize things... anything and everything! However, I have a few areas that are not quite up to par and kind of messy, like the laundry room and storage room. I'm working on it... Just don't go in there.

My Bedroom Closet
I figured out a way to add a great deal more space for my clothes in my little old closet. It's easy and inexpensive too. Wanna see?

Sneak Peak of the Closet

My Art
I really like art and can draw fairly well... actually, very well, I am told. I can even paint. I don't do either very much but would like to do more. Can I put my artwork up here without the risk of someone using it elsewhere? Here are two paintings I attempted to copy from the great originals done by Vincent Van Gogh and Andre Derain. Both were for an art class and had to be done in rather short time. My scan's are not showing up as well as I hoped but you can click on the pics to make them larger.

Vincent Van Gogh's "Irises" by Bonnie

Andre Derain's "London Bridge" by Bonnie
(The glare in lower left corner is from the camera.)

My Sewing
I can sew a bit and enjoy hand sewing things. I have a collection of antique and vintage hand sewn items and sewing things that were passed down to me too. I would also like to do more sewing. Is that corny?

Vintage Pink Sewing Basket
Handmade Felt Sewing Needle and Pin Holders by Bonnie
Antique Silk Sewing Bag
Antique Pink Measuring Tape and Pink Silk Pin Wheel
Antique Colorful Box of Thread

A Hand Embroidery Pillow by Bonnie

My Travels
I have been fortunate enough to have traveled to Europe a few times. After college, I worked hard and saved my money so I could visit the beautiful places I dreamed of seeing. I even studied Italian for a while so I could understand the culture and people better. I have some wonderful stories and memories.

I received a big surprise upon visiting Capri, Italy years ago. Italy is definitely my favorite country. I just love everything Italian!

Through the Looking Glass - Photo by Annie Leibovitz

I got a magical private tour of Christ Church at Oxford College in England where Lewis Carroll wrote "Alice and Wonderland."

And I have a funny story about wandering into a private chateau in France that supposedly belonged to a diamond merchant. Oops!

My Food and Sweet Treats
Giada De Laurentiis is my favorite celebrity chef. Her weekly cooking shows can be seen on The Food Network. Her cooking videos are excellent! She also has a blog and four fabulous cook books, which I don't have... yet. :) I wish I could cook like her!

I'm fairly easy to please when it comes to food but I wish I was a better cook. I enjoy healthy food, italian food, and home made fried chicken and a good pizza on occasion although haven't had any in a while. I really like coffee, and hot chocolate and tea too. Of course, I love chocolate, ok and ice cream!

Although, I have never had these beautiful French Macroons that I see on everyone's blogs. They look so good! These look like the best and are from Laduree in Paris, France. I have looked for them here in LA but still can't find any. Grrr...

Writing this wasn't so hard after all. Thank you for letting me share a bit about myself with you! And thank you again Stephanie for my award! I'll be sure to think of some of my favorite blogs to pass an award along to next!

Photo Info:
Through the Looking Glass - Photo by Annie Leibovitz
Wrapped in ocean-blue Balenciaga couture, Alice perched on the mantel, longing to escape into the shadow world, as her black kitty purred nearby. Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière crystal pleated chiffon dress and grey ankle boots. Shot on location at the Château de Corbeil-Cerf. In this story: Fashion Editor, Grace Coddington, Hair by Julien d'Ys/Island d'Ys, Makeup by Gucci Westman, Set design by Mary Howard, Prop Fabrication by Jean Hugues de Chatillon.


BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Bonnie! Fabulous post and so many lovely things you've shared about yourself (it was a bit hard for me too). You are a very good artist - I'm glad I did not post my poor little pictures I just did. And yes, I want to know your trick for creating more closet space? Thanks for sharing!

Paisley said...

I really need to know your trick for creating more closet space! FYI, I'm a gemini too, I totally get the inner struggle.