Friday, November 13, 2009

Escape ~ Friday the 13th ~ Escape

Let's Escape Friday the 13th and
Go for a ride in the Maybach Exelero!

Take off... Take off... Take off...
3 - 2 - 1 Take off!

Take it for a spin around the track,
Cruise through the city and back.

Drive up the coast,
You don't need to boast.

Meander 'round the countryside,
In the most elegant hot ride.

Go any place your heart's desire.
Ain't gonna feel any higher!

It doesn't always matter where you go,
It's getting there that makes the journey memorable.

Hey hey now... na na na na...
do do de do do de do do
Hey hey now... na na na na...

Yeah... I feel better already!!

Did you see how fast he was going on the track (2:03)?
About 360 mph!

I like to think that Michael Jackson's children,
Prince and Paris, are in the back seat (2:15).

I saw a vintage Maybach up on Mulholland!
It was black and in perfect immaculate condition!

Video via Egorius on You Tube


Rhyme by Me!

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jamesxvi said...

Nice yacht! I like the neutral interior with natural looking materials... maybe a hay bale would add a nice touch. You can read about mine at Garvinweasel.

Thanks for your comment on the the Velvet & Linen brickmakers table contest.

Nice blog!!