Friday, November 13, 2009

Escape ~ Friday the 13th ~ Escape

Let's Escape Friday the 13th
Come away with me
Slow things down
Drift away in a dream
Glide along the sea
On thee most luxurious yacht
Just relax... really relax...
Everything is going to be ok

Others will surely say oh my!
This is W H Y

Wally Hermes Yacht's

Be sure to turn off my music on the pink music player
on the right while you watch the "Escape" videos.
They have soothing tranquil music you are sure to enjoy.
Then turn mine back on... it goes well too! :)

These amazing photos can be seen on their website.
Notice the beautiful light blue chairs too.
They also have a video that shows
the creation of the whole yacht.

Original Video from WHY - Wally Hermes Yacht website

WHY Wally Hermes Yacht
Video via Elchoupinet on You Tube

"For those people who said that the boat isn't real,
well this yacht has been presented in Ancona, Italy
about 6 days ago (from date of quote). And if you look
at the other video on WHY website you can look at
the REAL boat... the price I heard is about 1M €."

Per comment of tevejoop:
"According to Wallpaper November 09 issue p.54 it will
priced at a humble €1 million per sq m. With dimensions
58m long by 38m wide we are not talking peanuts(!)"
It is about £90 million

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bikim said...

Loved it all! and the text too!!
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