Saturday, January 29, 2011

Silvery Deep Blue Fairy Tale Decor

There once was a regal Queen
who dressed in gowns of silver and deep blue sheen.

She searched high and low
for a magnificent blue grey chateau.

Soon enough she found
a magical place not far from town.

The gardens outside looked fine
but the inside was not as divine.

Although to her delight, she found many treasures
from murals, tables and chairs, to beds and chaises.

So she set about to restore
her magnificent abode to its new decor

And she lived happily ever after
in her silvery moonlit midnight blue castle.

Poem by Me

Photo Credits in Progress:
The Queen via
Photo 2 via
Photo 3 via
Hans Schiebold Painting, Lanning Gallery in Sedona Arizona
Ruins via Reliques
Blue Chaise against Ruins
Hand painted De Gournay Wallpaper in Blue Gray with
Burnt Sienna Gilded Chairs and Console Table
Dulac Fairyland

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