Monday, April 13, 2009

Wave Cutout Designs

Speaking of black and white... Here are some beautiful furnishings made in Italy from 1 Contemporary Furniture. There is a beautiful white Italian buffet in a chic "cut out" pattern with Swarovski Crystal knobs and a soothing creamy white dining table with a wave shaped base. They are shown with beautiful chairs upholstered in a pattern that extenuates them both.

They are displayed in a dining room but I think they would look lovely in an elegant office or conference room too, like that of an Interior Designer's. There is something so alluring and peaceful about this look. Click on the pics to enlarge them so you can see the spectacular details.


Anne Marie said...

Okay, I think I can pinpoint my idea on the new 'design trend' you kwim?

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

i love that cut-out cabinet - gorgeous!!