Sunday, April 12, 2009

Blog Question

Does anybody know how to make a "transition" from one photo to another with a "fade in" or "wipe" or something like that? For example... taking a black and white photo or sepia photo like the one shown and having it dissolve into a color photo like the other picture. I'm looking for the html code to insert into the blog header. I have looked on Apple and around the internet but just can't figure it out. This is something that I would like to create in order to show one of our favorite blogging friends. Thank you so much!


Michelle Zuniga said...

Hi Bonnie! Thanks for the mention on your blogs to follow! I love your blog and look foward to it! Look forward to hearing from you! Take Care!


~CC Catherine said...

Hi Bonnie, I'm not familiar with what your speaking of. I do know that Kodak and Adobe photoshops allow you to take a color photo and turn it to B/W or sepia., but to do the opposite, I'm not familiar with that. You may want to see if blogger has a "HELP" section where you can submit a question. That may work. Hope this helps! ~CC Catherine from "Catherine de th`e Cups"

Maria Killam said...

Maybe check with Design Ties. . . she seems to have a way of doing it! And thank you so much for your suggestions on my header, much appreciated!