Tuesday, August 25, 2009

All Dolled Up for Dinner at Eight!

The always glamorous Ms. Jean Harlow lounging in her lavish boudoir... her spectacular bed is laden with satiny sheets and pillows, her incredible vanity with sensuous perfumes and jars of creams nearby, she is wearing her beautiful fluffy robe, lyin in her spectacular bed, talkin on the phone, gazing at herself in a big hand mirror, eatin chocolate bon bons, and powder puffin her nose!!! Oh what a life! Hubby is not thrilled but still takes her out for Dinner at Eight!

Jean Harlow (1911 - 1937) in "Dinner At Eight" (1933) - Video via Astique333 on You Tube

I'm adding more lovely photos and amazing video clips of Hollywood's most glamorous movie stars from the classic films of the Silent Film Era and the Golden Age of Hollywood! Seems I can't stop finding incredible vanities and dressing tables, lavish boudoirs and bedrooms, fabulous fashion and sensational set designs! I'm just adding them into the two major post below so check back for more!

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