Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Laundry Room & Christmas Inspiration

Thought you'd like to see something other than my messy laundry room! I really appreciate everyones help and advice on my laundry room makeover. I have learned about many new ideas, and how to do things that I didn't think of or know about before. Thank you so much!

I can tell it's going to take me a while to transform my laundry room
but I haven't given up. Although now my laundry room is gonna have to share my attention with Christmas for a while too!

I'm collecting ideas and pictures of laundry rooms for inspiration too.
I'm leaning towards creating something cozy, perhaps a combination of French country and Italian villa. It's got to double as a storage room for now too. I want the decor to go with the rest of my home which is old Spanish Colonial with antiques. I'll post inspiring pictures later.

In the meantime, I found this pretty blog belonging to Sara and her Mom Abbey called Sweet Magnolia's Farm and thought you'd like it too. The link takes you to their new blog. They made the clothespin bag. They sell things they make in their Sweet Magnolias Farm etsy store.
I love those big clothes pins!

You'll find this box of Little Duchess Laundry Blue and
other antiques and treasures in their etsy store too.

They have beautiful Winter White Candy Canes and
lots of Christmas goodies in their etsy store.

Sara made this Old St. Nick Christmas bag too. They had an older blog a while back called Sweet Magnolias Antiques and Primitives that still has some lovely pictures and posts up.

I hope you are having a wonderful week!


Anne Marie said...

Hi Bonnie! Merry Christmas to you!

hope you are getting this snow......so lovely........

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

These laundry room accents are so sweet!

Before I get to busy with making and wrapping presents (and delivering a baby) I wanted to visit and say "Merci Beaucoup" for following Parisienne Farmgirl this year.

It truly was a blessed year and I hope you keep on blogging, sharing your thoughts and life's adventures in 2010.

Merry Early Christmas.


Suzanne MacCrone said...

Hi Bonnie,

Love the vintage pieces in "your" laundry room ~ so sweet. Pretty blog and darling post.