Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Importance of Really Nice Shinny Floors!

This Japanese cat cracks me up! His name is Maru and he likes really nice shinny floors and empty boxes too! Click on his name for more funny videos of him.


DesignTies said...

I can't decide which is funniest -- sliding into the boxes on the floor with his back legs splayed out, jumping into the big box, or jumping out of the big box!!

Hahahaha!! Or stuck in the little box!!!!! I think that's the winner!!

Thanks for the laughs :-)

Kelly @ DesignTies

Bonnie said...

I cant decide either! I think the sliding ones! Looks fun! And when he gets stuck in a little box that says "DIET" LOL!! This cat cracks me up! These are his best vids. He should be on Jay Leno Show..

There are other videos of him where he puts a little bag on his head and walk around the house! And then a plastic bag on his head and does the same! He also bowls by swatting a ball and knocking down little wooden people! Hysterical!!!!!

Anne Marie said...

the first video listed- my fav - no doubt...especially your music selection playing while watching the slow motion scene-

Anne Marie said...


Okay....phew! whiping the brow in RELIEF to finally find exactly what I'm talking about for style: TIM WALKER

please take most of the design with a grain of salt (you can add the tequila if you want ;)
but I seriously was relieved to find TW.

have a great weekend!

parisapartment said...

These are too much! I adore your new header, who is the artist? I could stare at that all day! Hope you're doing great, miss you!

the paris apartment said...

ps you'll love this. try it with your own kitty, it really works!

Anne Marie said...

Hey Bonnie!

Just stopped by to say hi! Hope you are well, and enjoying the summer...if you aren't well, and aren't enjoying the summer....THEN HOP TO IT GIRL!
See you soon I hope :)

A "cheery" disposition said...

o, this cat is too funny!

niartist said...

Oh Bonnie - this is too cute. I remember a while back someone sent these to my email. I laughed my head off! And they're still - just as funny! Thanks for sharing!