Monday, June 25, 2012

Days of Splendor, Days of Sorrow Book Giveaway on Enchanted by Josephine's Blog

It's summer and time to pick out some good books to read. And to enter a wonderful book giveaway over at Enchanted by Josephine's blog!  Days of Splendor, Days of Sorrow by Juliet Grey looks like it's tops on my list this year after reading the review on Lucy's blog Enchanted by Josephine

Days of Splendor, Days of Sorrow is the second book of Juliet Grey's in a trilogy so I will be sure to read her first one too, Becoming Marie Antoinette, which begins with Marie Antoinette's young life and how she became the Queen of France. Enchanted by Josephine reviewed this book last year here which was her favorite for 2011! 

Stop by Enchanted by Josephine's blog to read more about the wonderful books and enter her book giveaway contest for your very own copy of Days of Splendor, Days of Sorrow. Juliet Grey is offering an autographed copy of Days of Splendor, Days of Sorrow to Lucy's blog readers so be sure to check out the giveaway contest.  

What books are you planning to read this summer? Let me know if you have any good ones you'd like to recommend too. I hope you have a wonderful summer!


Ms. Lucy said...

Hey! Come see who won my Giveaway...!

Juliet Grey said...


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