Tuesday, February 1, 2011

You Light Up My Life

Searching for something to light up your life?
Here are some lovely chandeliers and sparkly lights.
Many more to come in my next post too!
I hope you have a beautiful day.

Photo Credits:
via Always My Hero on Tumblr
by Sandra Austoni on Flickr
via Mimar.a on Flickr
via My Exquisite Life on Tumblr


Blondie said...

Love this post! Kori xoxo

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

So lovely.
And we could use sparkles here tonight. It's raining torrents!!

Joe's blog said...

OMG. I LOVE the angel wing. So wonderful. Great post. I'm really into lamps now. I think it's the most important piece in a room and I'm searching for a new, special lamp now. My old IKEA paper-ball is.......NO!!!