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Architecture ~ Our Couture Structure

Lee Plaza Hotel in Detroit closed in 1990's

Urban Decay

Girl in the Balloon via Amy Sol at Disign Milk

Foggy Dubai via Dave and Mairi on Flickr
"Dubai had this incredible building boom over the last some years. Huge real estate development projects have included some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers and most massive projects, like the Emirates Towers (the 12th and 29th largest buildings in the world, connected by a huge shopping center, the Boulevard), the Burj Dubai (a needle-thin building, at 2,684 ft., tallest man-made structure in the world), the Palm Islands (fantastical artificial island complexes, including one photographed from space that looks like a palm tree), and the second most expensive and tallest hotel in all the world, the Burj Al Arab (the one that looks like a giant sailing ship)."
From The Dubai Debacle by David S. White,
Head of Real Estate and Business Litigation at Fainsbert Mase & Snyder, LLP
December 1, 2009 ~ via Fox and Hounds Daily

La Mer via Tamishka on Live Journal

via Cbeji 7pu6 on Live Journal

Consolation by Alexiuss on

Homo Disparitus by Artist Francois Baranger

Angkor Wat via Phenomenica

Biblioteca do Convento via Fabio Panico on Flickr


Star Wars Episode III ~ Revenge of the Sith
2005 Lucas Film, Ltd.

Space Collective

The Ephemerist via

La Douleur Exquise via Miss Wall Flower on Tumblr

White Tower by Snow Skadi on

Life is Grand via Paul M. Watson on Tumblr

Dynamic Architecture

This is a real building.

Green Dreams Are Made of This via Gunpowder Magazine
In Gorgeousness We Trust

ET Comes Home via Gunpowder Magazine
Made out of moulded concrete and secured to a metallic pad, Jet House is like nothing the design world has seen before, with sweeping round curves and a saucer-shaped silhouette. Created to look as if in motion despite being anchored in place (and there we were hoping it might actually take to the skies!), the architectural masterpiece features a Jetson Family-style elevator and James Bond-inspired button-activated staircase. Indeed, it's the type of minimalist pad we can imagine Dr Evil calling home. / Images: Jérôme Olivet

Planet SF via Focused on Light
Photo by Stephen Des Roches
Taken from Treasure Island very early in the morning, Stephen Des Roches built a 17 frame pano of the San Francisco skyline but at 34000 pixels wide, it was a bit too much for the web. Using a section of the photo, this was his first attempt at creating one of those planet things that are becoming fairly popular.

Johanna Uhrman

Oh Joy Happy Friday Summer in the City via Oh Joy blog

Popflower Le Blog Tendance Pop

Our Couture Structure
Couture Architecture
Are We Sure?

I have a collection of architectural photos, many are above, some are in books, others are out there in internet land, some are of old family homes and others are places I've been to, seen with my own eyes, walked through, climbed to the top of, even wandered in by mistake. When I look at them, I begin to think about time, and our desire to create something new, only to set it aside after a while in search of something else, the next latest greatest creation. We move forward, demanding change, reaching higher, building bigger, stronger, often wiser and brighter. But when we get the latest, it seems we try to recreate the past once we realize what we had is no longer here.

Ever notice the difference between "Here" and "There" can be seen as only a cross in the road, perhaps just a different direction? How would things be if we took a different path in life, or lived in a different place? Must we always be changing? Why can't we just "be?" Sometimes I long for things and people to return to the way they used to be. I realize that it is often the people that are really changing more than the buildings they occupy. Sometimes it's their presence or lack of it, that creates the emotions I feel towards a place.

I admire both the architecture and interior design of the past, as well as the modern styles, even that which exists only as a fantasy in the movies or in one's imagination. However, I find it sad to see old buildings, furniture, and other such treasures left behind, discarded as if they are meaningless, often left to fall into ruin. They were important to someone at some point in time. What makes one person so sentimental for the past, even for a time long before they were born, more so than another who doesn't care about it at all?

I am sure it would be great to have a nice new modern home, and I can just imagine shopping for the sleek chic furnishings such as those in my previous posts and even some I hope to show you... in the future. It would be so nice to have a place that doesn't have cracks in the walls, foundation problems, or plumbing problems, and other such issues.

Despite all the possible problems one can have with an old home, or place, I actually prefer an older home with character, warmth and charm. Then again, my old home is full of good times that linger in my mind as memories do. I have a great fascination with old villas, chateaus, cottages, and homes and wonder about their history and who lived in them. I'm always wondering what might be in their attic or basement, or behind that closed door that needs the old key to open it. It's as if there must be something fascinating to discover, some old photos and fine treasures in an old forgotten trunk, and maybe even money stashed in the walls. Perhaps I will tell you some stories about the old treasures I discovered which helped me learn more about my family and myself.

For now, I love hearing about the older places that were saved and restored and returned to their fine glory. I wish I could restore my old place, just need to find a bunch of money behind a wall or in a trunk!

It just seems this pattern of changing so much happens with other things too. Toss out the old, in with the new. Let's just pause a bit before we act so quickly. We can make room for both in our lives whether under one roof or separately and that goes for people too. Everybody is important. Let's admire and respect both, for what is new today, will be old some day too. Discover the purpose, beauty and joy in both.

Love Your Place where ever you may be in life.


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How nice to see you again, and with full force! I just love the designs here! Welcome back. Anita

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Bonjour Bonnie,
So glad to see you posting again. What an unbelievable collection of images. Enjoy your 'vintage' home, they can be a tremendous load of work but they are so marvelous. I will take your advice and love my place!
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Hi, great blog!
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