Friday, October 9, 2009

Beautiful Bathroom

This bathroom is just dreamy! Imagine a long hot bath in this stunning claw footed copper bath tub under the spectacular painted ceiling surrounded by the velvety lavender walls illuminated by elegant crystal candle sconces. It would be so relaxing. Although, I might change the small light in the ceiling for a bigger chandelier that looks more like the sconces on the wall. This sanctuary would be perfect for one of my imaginary starlet clients of today or better yet, me!

Do you have any favorite bath products like essential oils or bath salts, soaps, shower gels, lotions, potions, aromatherapy and candles? I've always loved the pink box of Mr. Bubbles when I was young... still do!

I haven't purchased any luxurious bath products in a very long time. However, I still have a lovely green bottle of bubble bath by Nasturtia in the Lemon Verbena scent that I got years and years ago. It's so soothing and makes lots of bubbles! This is a picture of my Nasturtia bubble bath and the Lemon Verbena plant...

Apparently the Nasturtia company, a San Francisco manufacturer of upscale bath products and gifts, was sold to Gianna Rose Atelier, another well-known Southern California Company. Check out their beautiful line of couture soaps and gifts.

Humm... I just realized I have Nasturtia flowers in my backyard. Now I will appreciate them even more. Well... it's back to soaking in the tub... I hope you have a beautiful relaxing weekend!

Photo credit for bathroom lounging out there on the internet somewhere... I'll add info soon as I find it again.
Amy Adams in "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day" -
Photo via Simply Hayley Ann
Vintage French Soap Label - Photo via Bon Savon Beautiful Soaps From Around the World
Soap - Photo via Thomas Hawk on Flickr
Available from The Gardner in The San Francisco Ferry Building Marketplace
Nasturtia Lemon Verbena Bubble Bath - Photo by Bonnie of Love Your Place
Lemon Verbena Leaves and Flowers - Photo via Naomivantol on Flickr
Nasturtium - Photo via Ilona912 on Flickr
Nasturtium... My Garden Favorite - Photo via Light Spectral on Flickr


~Ellie Kings~ said...

This bathroom is so luxurious! I could fall asleep in it. When I used to live in NYC, with all its chaos, I needed bubble baths with a glass of wine and good music on a daily basis. Today, I don't do that so much... thanks for the reminder to take the time to endulge in it.

Anonymous said...

That bath is just magnificent! So are the flowers! I don't really take enough baths. It would have to be in a tub like that to get me inspired!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Lovely bath and gorgeous post
I love the 2nd image too.. and I have seen this movie.. strange but beautiful!

Have a great Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Love the bath feature, so luxurious!!

roxy said...
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