Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson Memorial

The Michael Jackson Memorial was a beautiful tribute to his amazing life. May God bless his family, especially his little children.

Here is a link to many photos of him with his family and through out his life that are really good.

The "Michael Jackson Memorial Photos You Really Want to See" can be seen on the blog, If It's Hip, It's Here.

The complete memorial service can be seen by clicking here.


Saudade said...

the ceremony was so touching and emotional! i was crying away all night (it was already late here in Moscow)... this death... it is so unbelievable!

Bonnie said...

Hi Saudade,
I felt the same way about the memorial, crying too. Little Paris had the biggest heartfelt words. I'm still stunned he has passed. Im here in Los Angeles close to it all, and it is still hard to believe.

Saudade said...

Hi Bonnie,
can you even think of someone who might be able to replace him?
What really makes me sad is that a lot of people state something like "oh I knew him, we were very close friends". i feel like saying "just tell me where you were when he needed friends?" it's awful!

Bonnie said...

Hi Saudade,
I cannot think of anyone that has ever or ever will come near his talent. He had a big heart with all the philanthropy he did. I wish someone was able to "reach through" to him long enough to save his life from all the bad medicine (ex. like they did with Brittney Spears). People tried, esp Janet, but he shut them out. It breaks my heart he felt this was the path he had to take to sleep, and live.

And to my wonderful 29 fans who I am very grateful for... I will get back to posting more interior design soon. I'm working on a post for Claudia at The Paris Apartment which is almost done!