Friday, August 7, 2009

Vintage Vanities & Old Hollywood Glamour

"Vanity for Humanity" is still on! Send photos of your dressing table vanity to Claudia at The Paris Apartment. Her email address is She's writing a book called "Vanity for Humanity" with a look at the blogger’s vanities. All the proceeds will go to Habitat for Humanity so please do send them. Hopefully these glamorous shots of the vanities and movie stars will inspire you to take a few pictures, and to have many beautiful dreams that come true.

This is a wonderful video of about the glamorous movie stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood. There are more lovely vanities in the video too! It has music so you might want to turn off the volume on my player at the bottom of the page while viewing.

The video is from xoxClaudia101xox on You Tube - A young girl who loves the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Mary Pickford (1892 - 1979) by Alfred Cheney Johnson - Photo via Pufferfish76 on Flickr

Lillian Gish (1893 - 1993)

Model Vionnet Photo by Cecil Beaton Fashion Photographer for Vogue, 1937

Jean Harlow (1911 - 1937) in "Dinner at Eight"

Madge Evans (1909 - 1981) - Photo via GaryCooper79 on Flickr

Ann Sheridan (1915 - 1967) - Photo via Remember When? on Flickr

Ann Sheridan

Ann Sheridan

Ruth Chatterton (1893 - 1961) arranges her hair in the reflex of a luxurious mirror table. Circa 1933.

Does anyone know who this is?

Gloria Swanson (1897 - 1983) models one of the many gowns, designed and created by Rume Hubert for her role in the film "Music In The Air" directed by Joe May for Fox in 1934.

Merle Oberon (1911 - 1979)

Kay Francis (1905 - 1968)

Ann Miller (1923 - 2004) in her Dressing Room

Linda Darnell (1923 - 1965) Photo via Kathleen's photo stream on Flickr

Nina Leen (1909 - 1995) She was one of the first female photographers for Life Magazine. My Vintage Vogue has a group of Nina Leen photos on flickr which perfectly capture the style and spirit of times past.

1940's Vogue - Photo via My Vintage Vogue on Photobucket

Carole Landis (1919 - 1948)

Not sure who this is but it was taken in 1951. Image from Photobucket

Marisa Tomei - New Hollywood Glamour - Photo via Starlet Showcase

Photo from Lenhill12's Photostream on Flickr


the paris apartment said...

This is incredible! What a compilation, I'm blown away by the collection. We have to include these in the book!

Erin Helgerson said...

I have a slight obsession with antique vanity sets and mirrors. Women used to be so much more glam! SO unfair. I love these images, thanks so much for sharing! I love it. Hope you had an amazing weekend! XO!

Brabourne Farm said...

Gorgeous gorgeous post - I just love old black and white photos of beautiful glamorous women. Also, thank you for visiting Brabourne Farm and for leaving such a lovely comment. Leigh

Brandi@ Flights of Whimsy said...

Great collection of photos! Thanks for sharing them with us!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I always wanted to live that glamorous life! Growing up in the 50's and 60's - this is the kind of 'dame' I thought I would be. Now, at 50, I have all the accoutrements (sp?), but not the lifestyle. Was it ever real - or just a life led in The Movies?

Anonymous said...

I know who the woman in the photo is after the photo of Merle Oberon! It's Kay Francis! I only know that because she is mentioned in a play I was recently in (You Can't Take It With You). The character says "I'm the Kay Francis of Kirby Industries". I looked up Kay Francis on the internet. Right after that I saw her in an old movie with Cary Grant (In Name Only). Kay has quite the interesting bio. Read about her!
Christine Mc

Bonnie said...

WOW! Christine ~ Thank you so much for identifying Kay Francis in the picture above! I will definitely add her name and check out her movies and photos. I'll check out the play you were in of hers too!

Everybody ~ Thank you so much for the fabulous compliments about my Old Hollywood Glamour Vanity post! I had a blast looking for the pics even though it took a while, so I’m so glad you like them too! I might even have some more to post! Hopefully, Claudia at The Paris Apartment blog will be able to use them in her book “Vanity for Humanity” if it’s ok legally.

I just love this era too! There was an elegance and sophistication about this time that is so lovely. I wish it was still that way too.

Dawnmeshell said...

I love the vanities to tbe sure, but what I really like is the design of this blog and the sound. Where did you get this sexy christmas music? I love it. Often I really don't like the look of blogs. May sound odd, but they are a visual cacaphony to me, very staid and lifeless looking. This blog however feels alive and dynamic with plenty of movement. Beautiful. Good job.

Unknown said...

I love vintage Hollywood glam. The women were so beautiful. Love your page and awesome songs!

Keri said...

Ohhh why didn't I think of doing this kind of blog. Old Hollywood is one of my PASSIONS. You have it layed out beautifully. Thank you. I'm following you for sure. These photos are your writings are right on. Keri

Clapboard said...

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Margarita Bloom said...

Just found your blog and I'm in love! What a bevy of beautiful Hollywood glam pics!! LOVE! Great music selections too. :)

Anonymous said...

I love you blog, and the music really moves me. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Women seemed to have more class & style about them selfs. Love the pictures and loving your book.
Nichole Binz

Adri Carvalho said...

I love it! Yous blog are Very good!

Anonymous said...

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